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What is a Wardrobe Designer?

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What is Clothing Science?

We are nationally recognized men's Wardrobe Consultants and custom tailors. We hold a US Patent on our innovative tailoring process.

   We specialize in Custom Suits, Sport Coats, Pants, Tuxedos, Topcoats as well as Custom Shirts and ties.

   What makes us unique is that we don't necessarily sell you a product, rather we offer you a complete wardrobe solution. If you don't properly evaluate all the elements involved in the purchase of clothing, from fabric to color, to pattern, style, and fit as well as all other critical details, you'll end up with a lot more clothing in the back of your closet than you would like.

   To learn more about our complete products and services, please visit “At a Glance.” Better yet, call us and we'll explain to you how we can help you take advantage of this ground-breaking concept, considered to be the ultimate Wardrobe Service on the market today.


Sport Coats



Top Coats

Patented with other patents pending
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