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The 2 Most
Frequently Asked Questions

Executive Summary

If you think you have to try your suit on 6 times and tip the tailor in the process, before you might get it to fit you, you have not met the tailor, who realized that you can make better use of your time and has spent a lifetime dedicated to making sure you do not have to try it on at all.

Besides, you will not even have the opportunity to tip him because, most likely, you will not need to meet him in person.

The Two Questions

Question 1. How can you fit me without a tailor taking my measurements and the need for me to try the clothing on?

Question 2. How do you go about creating a unique personal image for me in my clothing?

The unique ability to accomplish both of the above has been evident to us and to others for a long time. As a matter of fact, that is how we have become known throughout the industry as the "gurus" of custom clothing (see our testimonials). It is this ability that makes it possible for us to come to you on the web and make available to you a process that has always been desirable to have but cumbersome and expensive to go through.

We have trained men's wear personnel in some of the best, well-known men's stores in both the skill to deal in custom clothing as well as the ability to create individualized clothing. Many successful custom retailers throughout the country today give credit for their success to our training.

The short answers to the 2 questions above are:

The Essence of Tailoring
Fitting the Body
Question I

When we examine the essence of tailoring, we find that there are two components to a good fitting garment. One is that it fits you, and the other is that you fit into it. To explain: since the human physique doesn't, as a rule, measure up to it's perfect mythical proportions. The purpose of tailoring then becomes two-fold; one is to fit the body, the other is to lend the body the perfect symmetry that it doesn't, by nature, possess.

If a suit doesn't make you look taller and thinner and enhance your physical characteristics, then the suit doesn't fit as well as it should!

The patented Slilaty System of fitting is based on the premise that the purpose of tailoring is likened to the purpose of framing a painting, which is both to fit the size as well as to enhance the image. The first is a function of mathematics and the second is a matter of design. We happen to be tailors who are proficient in both areas of expertise.

(For further explanation, see Your Perfect Fit.)

The Essence of Tailoring
Fitting the Personality
Question II

If you are an average businessman or professional, chances are you have a number of suits that sit in the back of your closet, and out of sight. You thought you made a good choice when you bought them but now you question the wisdom of that decision.

The reason you don't feel good when you wear them may not have much to do with the quality or the fit. Most likely it is because they don't project your unique personality. The culprit might be any one of the color, the fabric, the pattern, the style or a combination thereof.

If you think of a personal image in terms of visual communication, you'll start to see that your appearance is nothing less than a non-verbal introduction that you give in every chance encounter, to introduce yourself in the manner that you like, to the people you meet. You accomplish all that by means of utilizing color, pattern, style, texture, fibers, finish and numerous other details of your appearance to define your visual message. (This is better known as first impression.)

Utilizing our broad skill and knowledge in visual communication and personalized clothing and acting as your speech writers, we ask you questions, we probe your intent, we get to know you. Working with you we'll help you select your best colors, patterns and styles and put together a personal style and a visual presentation that speaks well and accurately of you. This is how a unique personal image is born.

(For further explanation, see Image Consultants.)


If you are in the industry or would like to know more about our patented system and mass-customization, read on...

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