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A Brief

> Styling / Fabrics

> Styling / Fabrics

> Styling / Fabrics

> Styling / Fabrics

> Styling / Fabrics

> Styling / Fabrics

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A Brief Summary

We offer you a new and modern approach for the purchase of custom clothing, considered by industry standards, to be the ultimate in wardrobe service.
Although premier men's stores would love to emulate our methods, the skill of their personnel as well as the basic structure of their businesses, would make it very difficult for them to duplicate our patented technologies and to match the convenience of the full range of our unique and comprehensive services.

Your 7 Simple Steps to
Guaranteed Success

  • Your Own Custom Style
  • All our clothes are custom tailored to your individual pattern. We don't use standard sizes. They are also styled in the way you like them from an unlimited selection of the finest fabrics.

  • Your Perfect Fit Every Single Time
  • The Slilaty System is a patented fitting system that allows us to provide 100% assurance of a perfect fit the first time and every time after.

  • No Try-On Necessary
  • The precision of our system allows us to deliver your perfect fit every single time, without the need for the customary expensive and time consuming try-ons.

  • No Awkward Inseam Measurement
  • The genius of our measuring system is that you don't need to be a genius to use it. We don't even need to take the awkward inseam measurement.

  • How Do You Pick The Right Suit?
  • If you are not sure of what looks good on you, our qualified consultants will utilize their broad skill and knowledge and are willing to advise you and help you select your best colors, patterns and styles... for all your wardrobe pieces.
    (follow the link to our Free Wardrobe Planning below)

  • A Process Made Simple
  • What used to normally be a cumbersome process now can be accomplished conveniently via telephone or email from the privacy of your own office or home, or, for that matter, from anywhere else you happen to be. It doesn't get any simpler!

  • Prices
  • If you think buying custom clothing is an extravagance that you can't afford or don't need, please be assured that many of our present satisfied clients used to feel exactly the same way (see the Testimonials).

    If you look at our prices versus those at quality men's stores you'll find that they are very much comparable. But if you compare the fact that you're getting from Clothing Science, "Your Perfect Fit" like you have seldom experienced in the past, with the added convenience that we provide, then there is no comparison.
    (Actual prices are indicated next to all fabrics displayed.)

    Continue reading - Free Wardrobe Planning.

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