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Our Mission to You
Executive Summary
  • Off the rack clothing is designed to fit the average physique and personality, while very few people are average in physique or in personality. At the same time when a person reaches a certain status in life, his appearance becomes of critical importance to him and it doesn't pay him any longer to compromise on either the physical fit nor the image of his clothing.
  • Our mission at Clothing Science has always been to bring down the cost and simplify the process of acquiring custom clothing. The goal was to eliminate the need for you to compromise your choices.
  • Through modern technology, we have developed a patented process that accomplishes all that we set out to do, namely "Your Perfect Fit" both physical and image wise. Therefore we are able to say that we have fulfilled our promise to you by making sure that you'll enjoy the clothing that you buy from us.


Our mission at Clothing Science has always been:

1. To help professional men acquire and maintain a comprehensive wardrobe that builds personal image and reflects their own, individual style. We believe that when a person reaches a certain position of prominence in life, his wardrobe can become a significant asset to him, if he learns how to use it properly.

2. To reduce the cost of custom tailoring through mass-customization and by utilizing our own unique, patented, Slilaty System of measuring, fitting and quality control. We maintain that a wardrobe with your unique, personal image can only be created through custom clothing and the proper advice.

3. To give our clients the indescribable feeling of pleasure and self-confidence that comes with wearing clothing that fits and feels like they have seldom, if ever, experienced in the past.


Our tested, proven and patented process of producing tailor-made clothing at prices far below those charged by the conventional tailor, gives us a competitive advantage in providing clothing for our clients that is "perfection" in terms of fit and style.

Our clothes are not Ready-Made and altered for you. Nor are they Made To Measure and therefore considered Semi Custom like what is normally offered to you in better quality Men's Stores. All our clothes, because of our Patented Slilaty System, are fully Custom-Made from your own individual pattern and therefore are comparable to what a tailor can produce for you on his own premises.

We are able to fit any individual, regardless of size or shape, without the need for those time-consuming and aggravating fittings and re-fittings and the expertise of a tailor to take the initial measurements. We accomplish this on the initial purchase and with every purchase thereafter, regardless of the number of garments ordered at any one time.

In addition, our professional advice, coupled with a comprehensive selection of fabrics and styles, allows us to deliver to our client clothing that reflects their own personal image, taste and style. Thus, we enhance their perfect fit and augment their feeling of pleasure and self-confidence.


Due to the obvious limitations of mass production, clothing that is ready-to-wear and off-the-rack, regardless of its level of quality, is designed for the masses and never quite fits you, the you well know! The reality is that your body is not completely symmetrical. In essence, there is no perfect 42L.

Custom-tailored clothing, made to your body's exact dimensions and curves and allowing you a broad choice of fabric and styles, provides for a selection that is uncompromised. The ease and success of the process, will of course greatly depend on the level of skill and methods of the person you are dealing with.

At Clothing Science, with our patented methodologies, we have taken the mystery out of the tailoring process. We have made the process more convenient, efficient and economical and most amazing of all, we have made it a process requiring no fittings or try-ons and the expertise in taking the measurements, therefore less time-consuming and aggravating for you, the client. By servicing you on the web, we have truly brought tailoring up into the 21st century.

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