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What is an Image Consultant?
Executive Summary
  • As human beings, we immediately form opinions, impressions and predjudices about others by just looking at them. This may not seem reasonable, when we thought judgement should be based exclusively on reason.
  • Since the apparel often proclaims the man, your apprearance is a statement that you make to introduce yourself to the world around you.
  • An Image Consultant is like a speech writer, who can help you put together a visual presentation that becomes your personal introduction in every public encounter.
  • We have the resources and the expertise to provide you with a custom wardrobe and to coach you as you develop an image through the clothing that you buy, so that your appearance will awlays make a positive statement on your behalf.

Our Image Consultants

When we examine the essence of clothing, aside from its practical function of providing coverage for the body, our concern should be with the image it conveys about us. This image communicates the myriad of things the world wants to know about us, thus is "first impression". Today, many of us are still much more aware of the functional side of clothing than of its communicative aspect; that critical part which makes the world respond to us, in kind.

Our consultants are expert image consultants and are fully trained in all aspects of men's clothing and especially in our own philosophy of how to create personalized clothing.

Their goal is to help you develop a personal image through the clothing that you purchase and not to sell you their own image or anyone else's for that matter.

They are capable of assisting you through the selection of the right color, fabric, pattern and style that you are going to like and that best suits your own personal taste.


Since business clothing has always been considered a uniform of sorts, today's dress down and dress up and dress in every other direction indicates that business clothing, even if still having its restrictions, is definitely not uniformed. The parameters of what is acceptable in business attire, today, are much broader than at any other time in the past. None the less, despite the proliferation today of new fabrics, colors and styles in the marketplace, professional guidance in men's stores to help you make sense of all these choices is definitely lacking.


Please keep in mind that creating for you the type of clothing that reflects your personality, with all of the options that are available in the marketplace today, is not the same as telling you what to wear ... something we would never do as some consultants think they should. Instead, we guide you through a unique method of selection, assisting you in choosing clothing that truly appeals to you and expresses who you are, as an individual. We are not under pressure to sell you from a limited inventory. The fact is - we don't carry any off-the-rack inventory! Your choices are, therefore, unlimited.

The logic behind this philosophy is that regardless of your own degree of clothing awareness or fashion sense, even if you have difficulty distinguishing certain colors, no one knows what you like better than you. As consultants, our job is o find it for you and help you to identify it, so that we can then create it for you, not to dictate to you. That being said, in putting our vast experience at your service, our consultants will not hesitate to make suggestions and even to dissuade you from making the wrong selection. Simply stated; you buy what you like as long as we agree with it!


We offer you an almost limitless choice of the best in domestic and imported fabrics for every garment you may desire – from suits, sport coats, pants and shirts to tuxedos and topcoats.


From the classic to the contemporary, to the very latest in fashion, your garments can be made to your own specific requirements; in the way you want them made.


The idea that, with alterations, an upscale, ready-made suit will fit well is a good theory. Clothing with an impressive, designer label very often is well made, but it's made to fit a model, not YOU! Every one of our suits is a unique creation tailored from you own custom pattern – with a fit belonging to you alone, the wearer.


When all the elements of fabric, pattern, style and fit come together in a beautifully sculpted garment that fits only one individual; the name embroidered on the label will be none other than the ultimate in names – yours. Our clients are thrilled with this simple, yet significant, detail.


We keep complete records and samples of all your prior purchases, measurements and patterns to facilitate subsequent orders.

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