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Free Wardrobe Planning
Executive Summary

If the task of properly coordinating your clothing has for ever been standing between you and always having complete confidence in your appearance, this valuable wardrobe service can be the answer to your ongoing dilemma.

We don't just make the suit,
We will also show you how to wear it!


* As a benefit of our new and patented technologies, we are now able to offer you, your very own customized wardrobe planning guide.

* We are very pleased to let you know that from now on, if you ask us to and free of charge, we will provide you at the time of delivery with a detailed color photograph of all appropriate combinations of your suits, sport coats, pants, shirts and ties. Each major item will be shown separately on it's own sheet.
Here is a sample of a Suit and a Sport Coat with their coordinates:

* You can keep these color illustrations in a beautifully bound "wardrobe coordinates binder" (illustrated below) that we will present to you, which you can keep handy, next to your closet, for quick reference.

* We also keep your complete purchasing records on file, along with your measurements and patterns to facilitate subsequent orders.


* Having your wardrobe organized in this manner will undoubtedly save you time and effort, and will help you to make better use of the clothes you own.

* Most importantly, it will give you complete confidence that you are making the right impression, knowing that your clothes are always professionally coordinated as well as the pleasure of being dressed elegantly.

* In addition, when your clothes are tastefully put together, you can be sure, that the impression of success that you create as well as the visual appeal that it engenders, will not escape the notice of others.

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