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Our Process

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Our Unique Process
Executive Summary

We have accomplished what the experts consider to be the ultimate in wardrobe service.

  • "Your Perfect Fit" every time like you have seldom ever experienced in the past, thru our patented process without the hassle associated with getting fitted numerous times.
  • The ability to acquire the kind of clothing that was specifically designed with your personality in mind.
  • Whether we meet with you in person or through the electronic medium, the ease of our process gives you an unparrelled convenience that you will seldom encounter anywhere else.

How It Benefits You

I Feel Naked!

The most common reaction to the fit of our clothing, whether it is a client's first garment or his one hundredth, is "I don't feel like I have anything on. I feel naked!" It is the patented, Slilaty Process that allows us to create clothing which fits that well. As a matter of fact, with this process, it isn't essential that an expert take your measurements, and you won't even be required to have multiple try-ons.

Enhancing the Physique

The superior fit of our clothing is a wonderful thing in itself, but our unique approach to tailoring is not limited to simply fitting the physique. The reality is that the body is never completely symmetrical. In essence there is no perfect 42L. Therefore we see the ultimate function of tailoring, in addition to fitting the body, is to lend symmetry to the body where symmetry does not exist. The secret, then, to achieving the perfect fit, is a matter of how perfect measurements are extrapolated from the imperfect measurements of the body and, not necessarily, how accurately the physical measurements are taken. This process of extrapolation, then that allows us to achieve a superior fit and at the same time enhance your physique by altering its non-symmetrical dimensions, is the truth and the genius behind our unique patented process.

Benefits of the Clothing Science Process

  • Our patented method of creating custom clothing, that provides you with your perfect fit, every single time.
  • Convenience that allows you to purchase a custom wardrobe without leaving your office or home.
  • Efficient use of your time, by eliminating the frustration and awkwardness of multiple fittings and try-ons.
  • Selection of fabrics and styles so complete that there is no reason to compromise your choices.
  • Professional guidance on image and style, during the process of selection, to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

Your Lucky Suit

The end result of this completed process is that the apparel produced for you by Clothing Science, in addition to fitting you physically like nothing you have previously experienced, will fit you mentally, because they will represent you as a unique individual. Though in a fashion sense conforming to the world around you and speaking the world's language, your Clothing Science apparel will most particularly reflect the inimitable person you are, giving you a sense of well being in your clothing that you have seldom, if ever, experienced in the past. We feel confident in saying that all the garments we create for you will definitely be your favorites. Consider that research has shown that on average, men only enjoy 1 out of every 3 suits they buy. Imagine a whole wardrobe made up of lucky suits!
You will be amazed how you start to look forward to the opportunity to getting dressed up!

Patented with other patents pending
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