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Your Total Satisfaction
Executive Summary

Your total satisfaction is a result of receiving a complete service and full value for the money you have spent.

  • You'll receive a physical fit every time, like you have seldom experienced in the past.
  • Clothing that you'll enjoy wearing because they were designed with you in mind.
  • A wardrobe service that will augment the value of what you have bought.
  • Custom clothing prices that are equivalent or better than the ready to wear you'll find hanging on the racks of similar quality.

Through Fit & Style

Your total satisfaction is always our goal. Because of this, it is well to understand the various elements that are involved in the making of custom clothing; namely fabric, color, style and fit. You have the right to receive what you have ordered and to be satisfied with the final product delivered to you. However, it is also important to understand and appreciate the fact that a custom garment is made especially for you and is normally of no value to someone else, unlike a ready-to-wear garment. Therefore, we reserve the right to make any reasonable and necessary adjustments to the garment ordered, to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We accomplish ordinary miracles every day. For extraordinary miracles, you might want to look somewhere else.


Our unique, patented process of fitting clothing to the individual assures you of a perfect fit every single time, regardless of how many garments you order. We control the process for consistency. Try-ons and fittings are not necessary. A high degree of skill in the person taking the measurements is also not necessary, provided that the measurements we require are taken in the prescribed manner. (our videos will illustrate them clearly) Our software will cross check those measurements for accuracy before we apply them. We will not produce any garments for you unless we are confident in the measurements submitted. This is the reason we can come to you on the web and offer you this unique service.


As you know, your appearance is like a silent speech that you give, introducing yourself to the world around you. This is commonly known as "First Impression." As image consultants we are, in a sense, your speech writer—we make sure your appearance communicates honestly and sincerely, all that the world needs to know about you. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a positive first impression.

But when all is said and done, clothing doesn't make the man. Clothing can only represent him at his best. With that in mind, our image consultants will make certain that the clothes we create for you fits so well that the impression is genuinely about you, rather than about someone else's idea of you. After all, a successful life is not a matter of acting (unless you're a professional actor), rather it is a matter of being. That is being yourself! This is what is known as creating a Personal Style.

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