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Information for All Visitors:
  • Home - Read about who we are, what we do and our philosophy behind Clothing Science.
  • Mission Statement - Learn about our philosophy and why our clothes are superior in fit to anything you've ever experienced.
  • Your Image - How we help you find your own image through fit, color, patterns and materials.
  • Our Unique Process - Explains how we create your perfect fit.
  • Testimonials - View comments we've received from lawyers, company presidents as well as other clothing industry clients!
  • Questions - Answers a few questions you may have about how we can guarantee your perfect fit.
  • Satisfaction - How can we guarantee your satisfaction? Read about how we prepare your individual garments and how we can be sure they will fit ... the first time you try them on!
  • Suits - Styles - Single-breasted? Double-breasted? Peak lapels? We have unlimited choices made just for you.
  • Suits - Fabrics - Come and see the fabrics we have, from fine Italian and English mills.
  • Shirts - Styles - Whether you like white cuffs and collars or prefer french cuffs, we will create your personal style from one of our many fine fabric choices.
  • Shirts - Fabrics - Stripes or solids, twill or broadcloth, we have just what will suit you perfectly.
  • Pants - Styles - Whether you prefer pleated trousers or straight-legged styles, we can create the perfect pair of pants that will fit only you.
  • Pants - Fabrics - Gabardine, twill, cotton and more are awaiting your selection, all tailor-made for you.
  • Sport Coats - Styles - Collars, pockets, buttons, linings; all are customized for you with dozens of options to choose from.
  • Sport Coats - Fabrics - From cashmere to camel hair and wools, we have an extensive colletion of fabrics from which to create your new Sports Coat.
  • Tuxedos - Styles -
  • Tuxedos - Fabrics -
  • Top Coats - Styles - Do you prefer top or side slash pockets? Are you a man who likes the image of a double-breasted coat? Come and browse the many options your new top coat has waiting for you.
  • Top Coats / Fabrics - Using wool or cashmere, we will create a top coat for you that will quickly become your favorite "staple".
  • How to Order - Simple step-by-step instructions to meet with your personal image consultant to create your custom image.
  • Introduction - Very brief overview of our site.
  • A Brief Summary - Your 6 Steps to Guaranteed Success.
  • Free Wardrobe Planning - Upon request, you can receive with your order, a hard-cover book highlighting your wardrobe pieces in their most flattering combinations for you to enjoy.
  • The 2 Most Frequently Asked Questions - The answers to these two questions will give you a pretty good idea of how good we are at what we do.
  • Fabric Finder - Here lies our inventory of thousands of different fabrics, colors, patterns and choices. Browse through them all or search for that something you've been wanting.
  • Free Fabric Brochure - Want to learn more about us? Have the need to actually "feel" the cloth? Then send for our free brochure. It comes with a sampling of our most popular woolens in different grades and patterns.
  • Contact Us - Need to email us with a question or comment? You can do that right here.
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