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Executive Summary

We are very much appreciative for the following testimonials that we have received over the years, whether from manufacturers, retailers or directly from the consumers.

If there is one common theme to all of them, it is that a good job is a reward unto itself and to be able to please the people who do business with you is certainly a great priviledge.

Praises and Appreciations


“Dear Hal:

I just wanted to express my gratitude for convincing me to give up the department store suits I had been purchasing for most of my career. The first suit you made for me was enough to make me a convert for life. The fit, quality and support that comes with each suit are first rate and make the long hours I spend wearing each one a comfortable pleasure. The selection of fabrics and patterns are first rate and allow me to make choices that reflect my own personal style (with your valuable input, of course).
Thank you again for allowing me to finally enjoy wearing a suit and I look forward to each new selection in the future.

Very truly yours,
Andrew S. Jacobs
Jacobs & Portin, PLLC

Hal Slilaty at Clothing Science is the real deal. His custom make clothing including suits, jackets, pants, shirts and outerwear are of high quality, impeccable tailored and offer true value for the asking price.

Hal's advice on colors,fabrics, and putting all the pieces together is based on years of experience, and his patented scientific approach to fitting and finishing are simply not available at department and specialty stores. He delivers the goods on time, and when you wear his clothing, other people comment on how good you look.

I'm obviously a very satisfied customer and have given my permission for this statement to be used in part or in it's entirety.

Stuart Horn
Retired Educator & Educational Policy Analyst

“Dear Hal:

Thank you again, Hal, for the great clothes. I appreciate the terrific fit, wardrobe guidance and superior service. It is especially valuable to me that you can advise me on the selections of fabrics and styles and be able to fit me better through the web than when I purchase clothes at stores in person.”

Best Regards,
Matthew F.

“Dear Hal:

I have not bought a suit "off-the-rack" since donning the first suit you made for me in 1996. I was skeptical at first. You and I have laughed since then about what a "hard sell" I was. I wondered initially if custom clothing was a good value or merely an extravagant indulgence. But when I put on that first custom suit I began my conversion to what I have become - I will never again be satisfied with wearing "off-the-rack" suit that is, after all, made for someone else.

Over the years you have helped me to discover and develop my own personal style. You are my image consultant - but you have never attempted to sell me an image. You have partnered with me as I have created my own image. You have paid attention to and kept careful records of my sleections. As a result, you have come to know my tastes as well as I do.

As I await the arrival of my latest selection, I look forward to that now familiar feeling of wearing a suit that feels right, looks right, is right. And I no longer wonder if your clothing and service are a good value - they are.”

Thank you.
Matthew R. Mead
Stockton, Barker & Mead, LLP

“Dear Hal:

I've learned my lesson! Off-the-rack suits, even the expensive variety, can't be altered to rival the fit and feel of a truly custom fitted suit made by Clothing Science.”

Daniel P. Nolan
Senior Vice President
The Ayco Company

“In the past ten years, being a personal trainer and amateur body builder, unfortunately large weight gains of up to 20 pounds, is part of the game. This adds even more to the problems of large legs, chest and shoulders and a small waist. The more variables, the more the frustrations of feeling uncomfortable in my clothes.

One tuxedo, three suits, twelve shirts, fifteen ties, three blazers, three slacks and five years later, with proper care, my Clothing Science clothes still look and fit like new! I'm very proud of my wardrobe and would recommend Clothing Science to anyone who is looking for value in money spent and anyone who would appreciate the feeling a proper wardrobe can give him. Thanks, again, Hal and staff at Clothing Science!”

Chad Kiess, Owner
Amstaff Athletic Club

“As you know, in the past, before I started dealing with you, I had bought the best in designer makes; the likes of Brioni, Zegna, Canal and others. I thought I was buying the best, until I tried on your suits. I must tell you that the fit of your suits is second to none. And your patented system of measuring, fitting and eliminating the time-consuming try-ons is a stroke of genius. As a matter of fact, the last suit you just delivered to me is the best fitting suit I have ever had in my life.

Thank you so much for what you do for me and for your attention to details. I wish I had met you sooner.”

Saeed A. Bajwa, M.D.
Southern Neurosurgical Group

“I look in the mirror and say, “Is that me? Can I really look that good?”

My tailor here in Amsterdam was very impressed, and he is not easily impressed. Thank you, again.”

Mark Valberg

“Dear Hal:

Clothing Science gives you the liberty to choose the exact fabric and the exact fit. The finished product could not have been nicer. My legal colleagues have been very complimentary about the quality and fit of my suits from Clothing Science. I will never buy a suit "off the rack" again.”

Myers & Galaiardo, LLP
Mathew D. Myers

“Dear Mr. Slilaty:

I want to thank you for your time, effort and professionalism with regard to tailoring the suits for myself and Mr. Wellete. The materials and the fit are superb, and your attention thereto is the best I have ever experienced. I have recommended your company to several other professionals. I look forward to continuing to do business with your organization for years to come.”

Sincerely yours,
Flaherty & O'Brien
Kevin O'Brien

“Over the past three years, I have purchased eight suits and well over a dozen shirts, and my satisfaction has been complete. I would not hesitate in recommending your services to anyone who desires a quality, customized suit for off-the-rack prices.”

Sincerely, Edward A. Bogdan Jr.
Bogdan and Faist

“Hal, you do have the clothing business down to an exact science!

The suits you brought to Atlanta for me to wear on stage were absolutely perfect.

I congratulate you on your attention to every detail and, most importantly, on your friendship. Wishing you all life's best, Hal.”

Bob Losure

“I recently received confirmation from you regarding my latest order for your custom clothing, including the shirt which I selected. It reminded me how valuable your service is to me in that it not only saves valuable time for me, that you come to my office, but your personal input into my selections also makes the decision-making process quicker and more fulfilling.

If I can be of assistance to you with your business and the service you provide to professional individuals, please do not hesitate to call me or have a prospective client do so. Given the price of suits that I have seen advertised at men's stores in the Albany area, your product line and service make doing business with you very “profitable.”

James Roemer

“I have purchased clothing in London and Paris from top clothing designers. The suits and sport coats I recently purchased from Clothing Science were comparable in every respect but one – the price.”

Matthew Myers
Myers & Galiardo


“Dear Hal:

Several months ago, I had the occasion to measure a large group of individuals – sixty people over a two-day period. These men were all shapes and sizes - from a 36" short to a 64" portly/stout with a 71" waist! To make things more challenging, the person helping me measure was not familiar with your process. Needless to say, I thought this was a perfect way to test the accuracy of your measuring system.

When I delivered the garments, everyone was amazed; myself included. I had very few, minor alterations, and the clothing fit great - even the 64" portly/stout. I could not have experienced such wonderful success without your system.”

Mann & Co.

“The Raleigh Stores clothing staff is, indeed, better off knowing you. I would like to do business with more people of your caliber. I am sure that our paths will cross again.”

Jean F. Doing, V.P. of Personnel
Raleighs, Washington, DC

“The Clothing Seminar you recently held for our managers, buyers and top sales associates made us feel like we received a Ph.D." in the selling and fitting of men's clothing. Your expertise in the field, combined with humor, gained the respect of our group. "He really knows the clothing business," remarked many of our people. We highly recommend your seminars to other clothing stores.”

Thomas A. Smith, Personnel Director
Muse's, Atlanta, GA

“I've never learned so much in such a short time. You have an exceptional way of delivering your information that makes it all seem very logical and straightforward. I can't begin to tell you how many times I have fallen back on the information from the course. It's especially helpful when it comes to understanding individual style and personality.”

Linda Ladd Harrington
Portland OR

“Your system has enabled us to eliminate almost all fitting problems. Most of our alterations are a result of the manufacturers not complying with your measurements and the descriptions that you furnished. More importantly, we have reduced our alteration expense to less than 1.5% of our sales.

Once again, we would like to offer our deepest and sincerest thanks. We couldn't have done it without you!!”

Sandy Taboh Classic Custom Clothiers

“Hal, I feel that "The Slilaty System" that you have come up with has the potential to not only completely change the way custom clothiers and tailors take measurements, but to also change the way we now communicate with our manufacturing resources. Our alterations have decreased dramatically. In twelve years, we have never had as many garments that need virtually no alterations.

Keep up the good work. The industry needs your expertise.”

David Shockely
Savile Row

“After 25 years in the men's clothing business, I thought I had seen it all. But, recently I was taken by surprise when a customer was brought to tears after trying on his new sport coat. After years of struggling to find clothing that fit, the customer was overwhelmed. Not one alteration was needed.

I now use the Slilaty System with every custom clothing customer. Of course, it has saved me both time and money by eliminating costly alterations, but more importantly, it gives me the edge over many of my competitors, because my garments fit at the first try on. A perfect fit is an instant hit with any customer and insures repeat business. I would not hesitate in recommending the Slilaty System for use in any men's custom clothing program.”

David W. Drake
D.W. Drake Custom Clothing


“Dear Hal:

I want to thank you for the time and effort you spent with our patterns. With your new patterns, our suits are fitting perfectly. Several NASCAR drivers, including Jeff Gordon, Ricky Rudd and Dale Jarrett, are pleased with the fit of their suits. We recently outfitted the entire Budweiser and Kelloggs Teams in new, custom fit, fire suits. You will be glad to hear that every single one fit, right out of the box.”

Doug Doolen
Vice President
Exquisite Designs

“You have done more to “professionalize” our industry than anyone else in the country. You have simplified our field in a manner that maximizes client satisfaction. It's a joy to work with people you have trained.”

Irving Neuman, President
Haas Tailoring, Baltimore, MD

“I'm writing to say thank you, once more, for the suit you made for me. Each time I wear it, I enjoy the look and feel of it and think of you. The fabric, style and fit are all great.”

Jud Early
Director, R&D
TC2 - Textile/Clothing Technology Corporation

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